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Eat Healthy, Delicious Food at Papachino’s Grill & Greens

PapaChinos Restaurant

Papachino’s Grill & Greens is the perfect place to dine when you want health-conscious, savory, and inexpensive food. Here they serve freshly made meals that are meant to “boost your body’s power source for proper weight control, easy digestion, and a stronger immune system.” With Papachino’s nearby, there’s not excuse to be unhealthy when you go out to eat with friends or family.

For starters at Papachino’s, popular items include their fresh ceviche, shrimp cocktail, fresh cut veggies, and fish stew. Also, the “Not Your Everyday Chicken Soup” is a healthier take on a classic soup. There aren’t any noodles or rice in it, but the fresh chicken breast, hominy, white beans, green chilis, cheese, and spices make this a savory appetizer.

If you are in the mood for seafood, Papachino’s has you covered. Choose from white roughy, jumbo shrimp, salmon, mahi mahi, grilled ahi, seared ahi, sea bass, jumbo scallops, swordfish, calamari, or bluefin shark. If fish isn’t your thing, try their plump, juicy chicken breast or tender beef steak. Vegetarians will enjoy their grilled pineapple and vegetable skewers that are crammed with red peppers, sweet onions, pineapple, and green peppers, then served over rice pilaf with your choice of side dish.

Papachino’s extensive menu also has their popular tacos and burritos, as well as healthy wraps, and various specialty plates. Also, their “Little Kahuna” menu has many great items for the kids for only $4.99. They can choose from grilled chicken breast, chicken skewers, Baja tacos, chicken tacos, creamy mac n’ cheese, and more.

Stop in at Papachino’s Grill & Greens today and see how delicious healthier food choices can really be. They are located at 14501 Ramona Avenue in Chino, California. Contact them by calling (909) 393-9904 or visit their website for full menu details and other information by clicking here.