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Pizzaioli – Arguably the Best Italian Place Around

Pizzaioli – Arguably the Best Italian Place Around

Pizzaioli Italian Restaurant in Chino has been in business for almost two decades now. They have been serving customers their well-known Italian fare, ranging from authentic pizzas, burgers, and sandwiches to freshly-made, palatable pastas, salads, deserts and fine Italian wines. They also have been raking in positive reviews from national food magazines and on social media buzz. Pizzaioli even garnered awards from industry reviewers such as the Southern California Restaurant Writers Association.

What started out as a quaint dining place at the hills of Chino in 1995 turned out to be a great hangout and bonding location for friends, families, and various groups. Pizzaioli’s menu has also grown to offer many choices – not to mention their martini bar that also has over 100 drink choices for wine lovers.

One of the popular items at Pizzaioli is their Carbonara Bianca – a linguine pasta with pancetta, egg white, olive oil, fresh basil, and pecorino. Their Seafood Linguine is also a must-try. This dish has an assortment of seafood plus the spicy marinara sauce which adds a delicious kick to the meal. The Seafood Linguine is truly a reminder of how fresh and delectable genuine Italian fare should be.

If you’re craving what Pizzaioli has to offer, visit them at 3920 Grand Avenue in Unit A. For orders or reservations, they can be reached at (909) 590-5454 or through e-mail at support@pizzaioli.com . Feel free to browse their menu at www.pizzaioli.com.