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Learn and Have Fun at the Chino Youth Museum

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Photo by: Yuka N.

Opened in 1999, the Chino Youth Museum was created out of a need for a facility to display the rich history of the area. This was combined with a desire to focus the endeavor toward local youth and pair this with an educational opportunity that is fun for everyone.

Exhibits include topics like theatre, science, money, water conservations, farming, and community outreach. The Theatre Exhibit was inspired by the 7th Street Children’s Theatre in Chino. Here kids can become part of a play and use costumes, puppets, mirrors, and real stage curtains. Being involved in drama activities helps children to develop a sense of sequential events, attention, self-control, concentration, and an understanding of the importance of sharing.

In the Community Helpers Exhibit children learn about the different seasons and clothing that people need to wear for different weather. They also will learn how different parts of the country have various types of weather in seasons and how weather effects plants and animals.

The Science Exhibit helps children learn about space via NASA videos. They will be able to compare how their weight on Earth is different on other planets and there are also hands-on activities and games to improve understanding. The Bank Exhibit helps children understand basic math, use play money, and begin understanding commerce. Kids learn to do price comparisons while shopping and learn the difference between wants verses needs while seeing the importance of saving money.

Finally, very relevant exhibit on water conservation shows children how water can be wasted in the home. Kids will learn how to conserve water and also learn how to make graphs. The activity also explains how a lot of electricity is used to supply and clean water, so they will see that using less will save money as well.

The Chino Youth Museum is located at 13191 6th Street in Historical Downtown Chino. For more information, visit their official website or call directly at (909) 334-3270.