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Find Plenty of Variety at Empanadas To Go

Empanadas To Go

Empanadas To Go began as the dream of Carlos Saccone more than 25 years ago when he moved to the Chino Valley. With the help of family and friends, Saccone has been able to shape an establishment that now serves authentic, homemade empanadas, subs, sandwiches, pizzas, and other savory treats.

The feature menu items here are clearly the yummy empanadas. In Spanish, empanada means “wrapped in bread.” These delectable little pastries are made with various fillings that are then place on and wrapped in dough and baked or fried. With more than 20 different empanada varieties, there’s sure to be something for any craving.

Try their authentic Argentinian Criolla empanada that is made with fresh ground beef, eggs, olives, onions, and raisins to get a feel for true Argentina flavors. Other great empanada choices include their spicy beef, steak & cheese, pepperoni & cheese, tuna, and veggie. This restaurant also serves sweet empanadas that make for great deserts. Choose from pumkin, sweet potato, apple, quince, or dulce de leche. With reasonable prices, guests can order a dozen for only $18.60 or purchase single empanadas for just $1.79.

Empanadas To Go also serves tasty subs and sandwiches. One favorite is their Milanesa, which is made with thinly-sliced, breaded chicken breast or steak that is lightly fried and covered with provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise. Another unique selection is the Empa-Dog which is comprised of an all-beef hotdog with melted provolone cheese that is then wrapped in empanada dough.

All subs and sandwiches can have add-ons like garlic, olive oil, parsley, ground red pepper, salt, or paprika. Their square-shaped pizzas are also a must-try. Choose from one of their custom menu options or create your own pizza by choosing from spinach, tomatoes, pepperoni, onions, oregano, ham, olives, red pepper, eggs, jalapeños, mushrooms, or pineapples.

Stop in at Empanadas To Go today and see why this food hot-spot is so popular. They are located at 12345 Mountain Avenue in Chino, California. For more information, feel free to call their friendly staff at (909) 591-1140, or visit their website by clicking here.