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Empire Bikes Covers All of Your Riding Needs

Empire Bikes in Chino Hills CA

Since their inception back in September 2012, Empire Bikes has been at the forefront of providing the best bicycles to people in the Chino Hills and surrounding area. The company was established with a core aim of bringing a revolution in the world of cycling. Part of this mission is carried out by providing some of the most outstanding, high quality, and rare bikes around.

Empire Bikes stocks a wide variety of bicycles – including: children’s bikes, mountain bikes, racing bikes, tandem bikes and more. You can also choose from many different models and brands in different categories. In other words, you are bound to find your dream bicycle at Empire Bikes.

Their shop has outstanding staff members that are knowledgeable and work to ensure customer satisfaction. Upon arriving at their shop, you will be warmly welcomed and assisted through the whole bike selection process. Once you find the right bike for you, they will even assist you in loading your brand new bike into your vehicle.

Skilled team members at Empire Bikes can also help you fix your bike and install new parts fast and efficiently. Customer reviews also show that guests are advised honestly with regard to the bicycle that best fits their needs and that prices are very reasonable.

Empire Bikes also is active in the community. They host weekly rides and some fabulous charity rides. This is done with the aim of developing a great relationship with the Chino Hills community while benefiting good causes and helping people stay fit. They encourage people from all walks of life to participate in these events. Consequently, their number of customers continues to be on the rise.

Empire Bikes is situated at 4200 Chino Hills Parkway. You can visit their website at www.empirebikes.us or call them directly at (909) 393-2423.