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Chino Hills Has Wonderful Artists!

Chino Hills Has Wonderful Artists!

We had a great time checking out the “Meet The Artists” reception at the the Chino Hills Community Center earlier this month. The event was hosted by The Art Committee of the Chino Hills Community Foundation – also known as chARTS.

The featured artist was Marilee Poirier who first realized her passion and talents for drawing in her early childhood while living in the Philippines. Her family moved to the U.S. back in 1982 and around this time she started sketching realistic portraits of friends and family.

Chino Hills Has Wonderful Artists!

Today Poirier – a self-taught artist – specializes in landscapes, portraits, and illustrations. She uses charcoal, watercolor, colored pencils, and digital technology to make her wonderful artwork.

New permanent artwork was also featured at the reception which was purchased with a $10,000 donation from San Bernardino County. Newly added pieces include:

– Three, 8-foot tall murals that were painted by another local artist – Enrique Vidal.

– Canvas prints of photos taken by Peter Rogers.

– Historical photos of the Chino Rancho Ride

– Before and after aerial photos of locations in the city.

Also, an oak tree painting by Laguna Beach artist Carolyn Reynolds was relocated from the reading room to the community center’s lobby. For more information on chARTS, click on this link.

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