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The Boiler Steam Kettle Cooking Restaurant is Unique and Delicious

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Residents and visitors in Chino Hills have a reason to smile because steam kettle cooking has been brought to their door step – thanks to the Boiler Steam Kettle Cooking restaurant. Here, a variety of great southern-style food is served. Individuals who are looking to try great items such as gumbo, jambalaya, cioppino and shrimp are in for a real treat when they stop in at The Boiler.

There are several factors that will compel you to select The Boiler as your new favorite dining venue. First, you will be pleased with the setting. The restaurant has a great environment which will give you an opportunity to relax and be with friends or family as you enjoy your favorite dish.

Another selling point is the menu itself. Many great foods that are not common in Southern California are served here. Some favorite fare on the expansive menu include the bouillabaisse – a French tomato leek based soup with fennel and saffron that is full of mussels, lobster, shrimp, crab, clams and white fish. Another crowd pleaser is the cilantro chicken with sausage that is prepared with grilled chicken and andouille sausage in a red chili, garlic, lemon and butter sauce with tomato sauce over linguini.

Last, but not least, you will love the cooking system that is used here – steam kettle cooking. As the name suggests, steam kettle cooking is a special type of cooking where a high pressure steam is used to heat food in kettles. The heating process is indirect. This type of heating helps prevent over cooking and ensures that food flavor and nutrients are retained.

The Boiler Steam Kettle Cooking restaurant has become a hot spot in Chino Hills – and with good reason. It is a place where food is cooked with the utmost customer satisfaction in mind. Food taste is also tailored in accordance with the preferences of the customer. Still doubt? Stop in and let the talented cooks, great ambiance and delicious food prove you wrong.

The Boiler Steam Kettle Cooking restaurant is located at 4665 Chino Hills Parkway. Contact their friendly staff by calling (909) 597-9098 or visit their website at www.theboilerskc.com.